Part of the appeal of the Nintendo Switch consoles is their unique home design which allows you to play your favorite titles in handheld mode or while docked on a big screen TV, like waiting in line at the post office. Eric Barone Stardew Valley is actually one of the best Nintendo Switch games to play on the way to work in handheld mode, so you can pass the time. Unlike some other indie games, Undertale has a top-down look, making it the perfect game to play in this mode on Switch.

However, the Switch has many solid second- and third-party games coming this year and next year with strong ports from previous and current console generation such as Dying Light Platinum Edition, Crysis Triology, Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection, Tormented Souls and fatal frame as well as strong retro and indie games. When it comes to indie titles the Nintendo Switch has the most extensive library of any non-PC platform, and continues to do so, even though it has been on the market for more than four years now.

This year finally Metroid Dread, which is believed to have been in development for years, debuts, reviving the 2D era of the franchise with an amazing Game that we all loved.

There are so many Switch games coming up in 2021 and 2022 that you may be overwhelmed, but don't worry, we've plans to stock all the major games for you. We've collated all the Switch games that will be released this year, from RPG ports to brand new platforms to Mario games.

If you already have a switch or are thinking of buying it as an OLED console, this list might tempt you. It's a curated collection of future Switch games that we look forward to, some of which we've been lucky enough to play, and all come from exciting studios that have shown innovative ideas. Some of these games could make the step to other consoles if they prove their worth. Below you will find all the upcoming Nintendo Switch games that we have reviewed in chronological order, as well as the first trailers that will be released soon.   

It's one of the best Nintendo Switch games, even if you don't fancy Nintendo's usual family-friendly titles. It stands out as one of the absolute best Switch games in a sea of excellent indie platforms for the Nintendo Switch. It looks like it has a great story mode that helps new players get to grips with the game and the system, as well as a lot of multiplayer modes to keep everyone on the ball.

The Nintendo Switch, the bold little hybrid handheld and home console, was widely criticized at its launch because it didn't have many games available, but it has made up more than it in the years since its release. We've done the hard work of playing loads of video games to help you discover the best the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite have to offer. From Nintendo staples like Mario and Zelda, to essential multiplayer games, to engaging AAA and Indie fare. Whether you want to play with the open world, take some time on your way to work or just download something to enjoy at home on your big TV, we have the solution for you.

The main part of Super Mario Odyssey is the 3D world of Bowsers Fury, and the revamped version of the game is an unexpected treat that offers an entirely new way to experience the classic Nintendo platform formula.

If you have a new Nintendo Switch and are looking for new titles, you might be asking what the best Nintendo Switch games are. Many of these are converted Wii U games, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. However, some of these games are games that were originally released for Switch.

Bowsers Fury continues the tradition of great 3D Mario games, but with new mechanics and a beautifully designed world. This makes it one of the absolute best value-for-money purchases on Switch. Singleplayer and co-op can also be enjoyed in this game, which is a must for anyone who likes Mario games.

The result is a game that feels wide-ranging, with so many small touches to discover that it is hard to not fall in love with this long line. There is a huge and varied game library with many Nintendo exclusive games like Animal Crossing, third-party favorites like Diablo 3 and innovative indie titles. If you decide to choose a game for yourself, don't forget to check Gamerzlounge awesome Nintendo Switch Game Library.