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Rise of Nightmares - Kinect Compatible

Rise of Nightmares - Kinect Compatible
Rise of Nightmares - Kinect Compatible
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Release Date: 09-Sep-11

Welcome to Rise of Nightmares, a truly mature experience for Kinect for Xbox 360. Survive one hellish night as you hand-to-hand against undead enemies and mad scientists using the hands-free motion controls of Kinect. As you descend into the nightmarish world of a madman, you can rip your foes limb from limb while uncovering the location of your kidnapped wife.

Rise of Nightmares heightens the horror experience like never before, forcing you to use your whole body against your enemies. Using cutting-edge technology, you will be trapped in a night-world of zombies, monsters and hellish scientists - and the only way out is to fight.

Rise of Nightmares on Kinect for Xbox 360 Features:

  • Horrifying and Compelling: Gory visuals allow you to enjoy the carnage you inflict upon your enemies.
  • Unique Motion Controls: Use fists, feet and weapons thanks to the power of Kinect for Xbox 360 and its unique control schemes.
  • Delve Deep Into the Nightmare: Explore the environment to uncover clues that point at your kidnapped wife's fate.
  • A Complete Game Experience: A full game with a compelling campaign, not just a collection of mini-games.
  • Core on Kinect: An unashamedly mature title amongst a sea of family friendly offerings.

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